Texas Tech University's meat judging team ended the 2019 season with a 14th national championship at the American Meat Science Association International Meat Judging Contest in Dakota City, Nebraska.

Tech has dominated competitive meat judging for four decades since winning its first national title in 1989. The University was dubbed the "Alabama football" of meat judging by Sports Illustrated this spring.   

This year was business as usual for the Red Raiders, winning first place in six of eight categories beating second place Kansas State University by more than 60 points.

Tech took the top three spots in individual competition.

Sherri Halstead of Aztec, New Mexico finished first overall with 1,063 points. she took first in overall beef, beef judging and pork judging. 

Right behind her was fellow Red Raider Britt Dixon of Roswell, New Mexico. Dixon finished second overall after earning a top ten finish in five categories.

Tech's Grant Kitten finished third, respectfully, and took first in specifications.

This is the third time in five years Tech has taken the top two individual spots. The first time it has won the top three.   

“The thing that makes this team special is how they have continued to overcome adversity,” Mark Miller, coach of the Meat Judging Team said. “They kept striving to be excellent even when they weren’t winning. When the team stopped focusing on winning and started focusing on each other, humbled themselves and had faith is when they were able to win.”