When people outside West Texas picture our region, most think of the flat, dusty roads and plains. That is not what Steven Chapman sees. 

Instead, he captures the beauty, wildlife and agriculture that fuels our economy.

"Too many times I sat and thought, look at this scene in front of me, you know, this is what God made for us," Chapman said.

Since high school Chapman has had a thing for taking photos, but as a third generation farmer his focus has been on cotton.

It was not until 2009, when his father died, Chapman needed an outlet.

"The stress levels kept building, I kept growing, the costs, the prices, everything," he said. "Even in good years, it's kind of tough handling and you worry about it."

He picked up the camera and quickly everything clicked. 

"I started carrying a camera with me in the tractor, in the pick up, and starting capturing more and more pictures," Chapman said. 

His wife suggested he start a Facebook page. It is called From Farm to Foto, Visions of a West Texas Farmer. It now has thousands of followers. 

"I don't think people see the wildlife we have out here, the beauty of the sunsets," Chapman said. "There's just a whole world out there that I don't think people recognize and I just hope to capture that and show it."

Chapman sells his photos here and there, but it's really about showing off the beauty within the fields.