Radar Foundations Inc held its annual Autism Walk in Plainview on Saturday in commemoration of Autism Awareness Month.

Local families got some exercise while helping a great cause. All of the funds raised help support families in rural communities.

Hope hasty with Radar Foundations said, "I've been in that room for when the first time that child says mama, or you know when an individual has autism and they have a job and then they're successful and they get that first pay check. I've been there in those moments and it's just things like that, you know, they are able to do things like we are, they just process things differently."

And for parents in Plainview, it's organizations like Radar Foundations that remind them they're not alone in this.

Lucia Juarez is a parent with child on the autism spectrum.

"It's extremely exciting, this is something that we've needed in our community because I don't think our city knows how great a need there is or how many individuals there are in just our community alone with autism," Juarez said. "A lot of times they don't even know what autism is or the symptoms of it or what to even look for."

If you missed Saturday's big event, you can still donate to the cause. Visit the Radar Foundation Inc website and click DONATE NOW.