Haley Davis is producer of Good Day Lubbock. 

She is a Texas Tech graduate from Flower Mound, Texas with a bachelor's degree in journalism. She graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors in December of 2017.

She worked as a columnist and beat leader for the Oklahoma Daily newspaper as well as the Daily Toreador. 

Haley started at FOX34 as an intern before joining the team as a web/social media producer. With a background in print journalism, she has adapted to the world of broadcast and broadened her horizons in the industry. 

Though West Texas is a far cry from the bustling Dallas metropolis, Haley has embraced the close-knit community of Lubbock and taken every opportunity to grow as a journalist.

Since January of 2018, Haley has found a passion for nutrition and fitness, transforming her own health and physique as well as others. With months of weight loss and personal experience at hand, she decided to start the FOX34 Health Blog and share her story with viewers. From diet tips to supplements and exercise, Haley will delve into a new health topic every week so you can make your fitness goals a reality.