It has been almost 6 months since the auto group filed for bankruptcy. Hundreds of customers still do not know when, or even whether, they will get titles or money for trade-ins. 

Back in July, Kally Nixon traded in his car for a 2017 Ford Focus at a Reagor-Dykes dealership. A few days later, someone crashed into him.

"They gave me a Chrysler 300," Nixon said. "Which I have sitting outside, which is a loaner basically." 

Nixon was able to get his Ford back after repairs, but when he called to return the Chrysler, Reagor-Dykes filed for bankruptcy.

"The guy told me verbatim, I don't want Ford to have it so why don't you just keep it for now," Nixon said.

Since August, both vehicles have been sitting in Nixon's parking lot with expired tags. The focus eventually stopped working. 

"It's been a nightmare," Nixon said. "I've gone there several times, I've called people several times, you never really get a definite response, or even if you get a response at all from anybody when you leave a voicemail is hit or miss." 

Harold Jensen is going through a similar problem.

"I left several voicemails and finally I just started beating down doors until somebody answered," Jensen said.

Jensen bought his truck from the auto group on July 7. When he first heard of the bankruptcy, he did not think he would be affected. Then, he realized he had no title, despite paying $3,700 for it.

"There should be zero excuse to why I can't get a title when they received the cash in hand," Jensen said. "It should of gone directly to paying for what I paid to have them do." 

So for the past 5 months, Jensen's been getting a 30 day tag from the tax assessor office. Although, as frustrating as his situation is, he knows some customers have it worse.

Nixon is newly married, and if it was not for this situation, he would move away and buy a home to be with his wife. 

"It's preventing me from progressing in life and I know it's only 6 months but it takes a long time for that kind of stuff to be taken off your credit even if they decide it wasn't your fault," Nixon said.

For now, Jensen and Nixon are among hundreds of customers who are in a waiting game.

"The temperature of the public is that we were duped by a bunch of crooks, who for some reason haven't had criminal charges filed against them," Jensen said.

In a statement from Marc McDougal, a potential investor for Reagor-Dykes, he said "working to solve the customer issues have been at the forefront and it the first priority."