A U.S. Justice Department Trustee opposes a request made by Reagor-Dykes Auto Group in Bankruptcy Court to hire a chief restructuring officer.

In a court filing Monday, the Trustee writes in support of Ford Motor Credit's petition to hire a chapter 11 trustee to oversee operations of the company instead of Reagor-Dykes' petition to hire an employee of BlackBriar as CRO.

From Monday's filing, "the Debtors [Reagor-Dykes companies] propose retaining a CRO whose expanded powers would permit him, among other things, to independently investigate Debtors' prior financial transactions and their owners and officers. Such duties belong to a chapter 11 trustee or an examiner, not a CRO. For this reason, the Court should deny the Debtors' application to employ a CRO."

Last week Reagor-Dykes' filing indicated the CRO would "investigate the potential for any wrongdoing by the Debtors' [Reagor-Dykes] former CFO and Ownership, to stabilize the Debtors accounting functions, to immediately put into place strong accounting controls, and to provide CFO support upon the departure of the Debtors' former CFO."

Also, Reagor-Dykes filed notice 341 creditors meetings that were scheduled for Sept. 6 have been rescheduled by the U.S. Trustee's Office to Sept. 27.