From the Artist:

Born in Lubbock, Texas in 1948 and attended Lubbock Public Schools until graduating from Monterey High School in 1966. After 27 years between semesters, graduated from Texas Tech in 1995. Live in Lubbock with attorney husband Rick Wardroup, and four of our six grown kids who live here with their children and spouses.

Been drawing, painting, and art-ing since earliest memory. My first arts supplies were crayons from TG&Y on 34th and College (now University). Rode my bike there and seriously coveted the Crayola 64 count box. Bought my first “real” art supplies at Varsity Bookstore- I still do.

Took art classes whenever my parents would let me and drew constantly in school in spite of teacher’s objections. When I couldn’t get a good view of anything else, I drew my own feet. I still draw and paint myself and my life.

Married at 19 had kids, kept painting, then it just seemed not to be worth it. I had shows and since no one (sold one painting) but my parents wanted my work, I decided I should quit. For the most part I did quit for 40 years, but I allowed my creative self free reign in decorating my homes and cooking for a living. I worked in, owned and managed restaurants, catered, taught classes and eventually stopped after 25 years when the work was too demanding.

About 10 years ago, after retirement, I started doing glass mosaic and made many pieces for my house and my family. That lead to a desire to paint again. Started taking classes on line and locally. My “Hat & Sunnies” series (the first of these is on display on the Fox34 Good Day Lubbock) is from photos of friends. I use oils and acrylics both and love painting people and telling stories with my paintings.

I’ve had encouragement from friends and family and have been on the First Friday Art Trail twice. Hope to show more. We go to Taos often and I’ve been asked to join the Taos Artists Collective and am working to get enough pieces to exhibit there.

I’ve got half a bedroom as my studio and I’m painting more often. It’s easier when the equipment is all set up and ready to use. However, I’m easily sidetracked and distracted by kids, friends, family and grandkids. I’m lucky to have lots of all those.

I’d love to do more commissions in the “Hat’s & Sunnies” style and I need to promote my work more. Thanks Fox34 for supporting the ever expanding art community of Lubbock. This town produces and encourages the many talented people in all the arts. I’m grateful to be a small part of it.