The Featured Artist on Good Day Lubbock is illustrator David Alaniz, who created an original piece for the set. 

From the Artist:

I'm a 21-year-old South Plains College student working on getting his associate degree in graphic designs. I am a full-time illustrator and cartoonist, but I do not shy away from any form of art or mediums that I don't use everyday. I am a self-taught artist for the most part, but I do believe every artist is constantly learning new things every day to help improve their skills. I am a part time animator as well although I am getting back into it after a few years of absence since I graduate high school. I have trained myself to do most production work on animation projects, although I have a lot to still learn. I am planning on a future career in the animation industry as either a character designer, storyboard artist, or animator. I want to create something that will sum my life not just as a person but as an artist as well. 

I just want to draw stuff to make the world a little less gloomy everyday.