Texas Tech Federal Credit Union already breaks the mold when it comes to banking by eliminating traditional bank tellers in favor of in-house video tellers.
Now, the branch is expanding into your homes and beyond by adopting a "mobile video chat banking" platform through a partnership with the "POPin" video banking smartphone app.

TTFCU is one of the first in the nation to offer this interactive video banking platform. By partnering with POPin, TTFCU is able to deliver a unique way for members to manage their financial resources.

"Texas Tech and many other credit unions across the country can now be able to talk directly to their customers," CEO Gene Pranger said. "What this does is allow them a convenient way to access those financial solutions from their key provider."

The app gives members face-to-face video chat and a collaboration between a dedicated video bank agent.

"We want to give people options so that you get to choose when you want to bank, where you want to bank, and how you want to bank. That's really what it's all about," Chief eXperience Officer for TTFCU, Lisa Huertas said.

Members open the app, connect with an agent, and have a personalized banking experience from the comfort of their home, or wherever!

"It's able to exchange documents, present documents to you, that you can review, ask questions, if everything looks good, accept and sign while having that video conversation," Huertas said.

This technology means you can do all your banking through an app.

"New accounts, loans, investments, mortgages, whatever they choose to pursue with the consumer," Pranger said.

"I can take a picture of my driver's license, I can take a picture of my pay stub, whatever it is. So, we can exchange documents. You can push them to me, i can share them with you," Huertas said.

The credit union's platform will eventually lead to providing longer hours, expanded services and immediate assistance.

"This is a face to face interaction with people. You're not texting, you're not dealing with numbers on the screen, you actually know that you have a relationship with the financial institution," Pranger said. 

"I don't think that we're ever going to get away from self-serve because we all love being able to do things on our own time and being in control of that. But, there are specific experiences where we need or want to talk to somebody, and that's really what this is about," Huertas said.

TTFCU will roll out the platform thoughtfully, with test periods and feedback, before the app is available for use at the start of next year.


Texas Tech Federal Credit Union Selects POPin Video Banking Collaboration To Expand Video Into Branches And Digital Channels

TTFCU among the first to implement the industry’s first interactive video banking technology

LUBBOCK, Texas (November 29, 2017) – POPin Video Banking Collaboration, the world’s first interactive mobile video banking solution, today announced its adoption by Texas Tech Federal Credit Union (TTFCU) to leverage video across all channels—mobile, web and in the branch—delivering new and unique ways for members to manage their financial resources.

“Texas Tech Credit Union’s laser focus on efficiently and effectively delivering financial tools and resources to its members is impressive,” said Gene Pranger, founder and CEO of POPin Video Banking Collaboration, who created the concept of video banking in 2008 and now POPin as the completion of this vision. “TTFCU will now be able to leverage video when working with members at home, work, and on the go, exceeding expectations with every experience in every channel.”

Ushering in a new era of self-service, POPin Video Banking Collaboration enables face-to-face video chat and simultaneous collaboration between financial institutions and their customers across all digital channels. Through this patented technology, on-the-go members can access branch services and complete nearly all banking needs via the web, personal mobile devices, or branch-based video, removing the need for either party to be in a physical branch or office.

“We are passionate about making each member experience convenient, accessible and uniquely extraordinary,” said Lisa Huertas, Chief eXperience Officer at Texas Tech Credit Union. “Giving our members a choice of when and where they wish to connect with our team to manage their finances is a game-changer for our vision and strategy.”

POPin Video Banking Collaboration streamlines common workflows such as contract reviews, ID verification, document signature and presentation sharing. Through such unprecedented access to live financial representatives, POPin provides the most complete member experience, allowing financial institutions to offer longer hours, expanded services and immediate, personalized assistance. The platform also plugs directly into the backend of existing systems, providing financial service providers the tools they need to better serve members and improve internal performance through sophisticated communication and analytics.

To learn more about how financial institutions like Texas Tech Credit Union are using POPin Video Banking Collaboration to improve financial services, visit www.popinvideobanking.com/.

About Texas Tech Credit Union

Headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, Texas Tech Credit Union was originally founded in 1959 and today serves more than 19,000 members across Texas. Driven to meet needs and create value, Texas Tech Credit Union is leading the industry with innovative online, mobile and in-branch solutions. For more information, visit https://www.texastechfcu.org/ or call (806) 742-3606.

About POPin Video Banking Collaboration

POPin Video Banking Collaboration is a web and mobile video software solution bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. Through increased connectivity, this comprehensive and interactive solution enhances customer communication and action to empower sales and give companies the tools they need to exceed customer expectations. For more information regarding POPin, visit www.popinvideobanking.com or call 801-417-9000.