The current featured artist on Good Day Lubbock is Mitchell Wachtel, a pathologist who works in photography. His describes his pieces as created through music with certain songs to match.

The piece featured on air is called "Turandot" and the song to match is "In questa reggia."

From the Artist:

I began working with Photoshopped images after my father died two Februaries ago (the photos were taken to keep me walking 10,000 steps per day).  Soon I sent them to my siblings and mother to keep us together. Eventually, they persuaded me to put the metallic prints up for public consumption. 

My prints have been exhibited at Tornado Gallery and at the Buddy Holly Center in their Illuminance competition.

I am a tenured professor of pathology at TTUHSC;  all art sold locally goes to charity (South Plains Food Bank), with my donating the materials costs.