A fire at a power substation at 11th Street and Milwaukee Avenue left many in Lubbock without power briefly. 

Many have reported hearing an explosion.

Matt Rose with LP&L said a line running from the substation on Milwaukee arched creating an explosion on the pole. 

"At this moment, we don't exactly what the root cause of that fault on that line is," Rose said. "It could be anything from an animal getting in the line to possibly damage from a lightening strike that's happened over the last few months."

While Rose said there are failsafes in place to prevent something like this from happening, it failed and wiped out power to 7700 customers. 

Both UMC and Covenant hospitals have reported outages, as well as other emergency services, but issues from the outage are minor. These emergency services all have redundant power back-ups.

Crews were able to put out the fire and restore power to all customers this morning but crews remain on scene to repair damaged components.

"They have restrung the line that was affected and they are working on adjacent equipment so that we can make sure this is an isolated incident and doesn't end up becoming something that causes reliability issues in the coming days and weeks," Rose said.

Rose said focus is now shifting updated equipment into the substations in order to ensure something like this doesn't happen again.