Kurt Kiser has been in the broadcast business for 35+ years, starting out, as Kurt says, "when my hair was dark".  His background in radio has served him well on the TV side, and after a 12-year absence from the anchor desk, Kurt returned to co-anchor the News at Nine with Jeff Klotzman. Along with working in front of the camera and microphone, Kurt has also performed on stage at the Cactus Theater in several productions. 

Kurt grew up overseas; 9 years in Venezuela and 5 in Australia before moving to Illinois for high school. He attended Southern Illinois University, moving in 1982 to Texas, where he adopted the motto “Yankee by birth – Texan by choice”.  

Kurt is the single father of three sons, twins Chris and Jason, and Colton. He recently became a grandfather for the first time, when Karis joined the family. After living in Odessa for 10 years, Kurt has called Lubbock home, where he launched “Kurt Kiser Communications”, serving as a motivational speaker.