It's been handled the same way for years. When a child is born the names of the two parents are listed on the birth certificate. For same-sex couples, it's an entirely different story.

The LGBT community overcame one big hurdle.

"It takes one until we get to the next stage, it's almost like we work in stages to get civil rights," Pastor Tony Thieman-Somora said.

Now there's a seemingly minor step that some say should be adjusted.

"When you're legally married now and now you're having children but your name cannot go on the birth certificate," Thieman- Somora said.

Currently adoption applications and birth certificates still use gender-specific language. 

"The Bureau of Vital Statistics is going to have to change the forms to reflect that either the gay couple or the lesbian couple have adopted a child, those forms are going to have to be changed," Attorney Bill McNamara said.

Bill McNamara is a Lubbock attorney who specializes in family law. He said after the Supreme Courts' ruling, it's only fitting the state changes its forms.

"It's going to happen, it's going to have to be changed it's a formality that the state needs to provide those couples just like they do everybody else and they're going to have to do it," McNamara said.

Pastor Tony Thieman-Somora said the system's flaw causes more than just frustration. 

"Even though they're telling their kids as they grow up we're your parents but when the child see's the birth certificate for the first time, but who is this?" Thieman-Somora said. "It's not just about paper, it's not just about the legal system but what trauma does it cause the family, what trauma does it cause the child."

For now, McNamara said patience is key.

"It's going to take some time to hammer out all the different kinks and all the different paperwork and all the different forms to reflect this new dynamic we have out there."

According to reports, the Texas Department of State Health Services is reviewing last month's Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage to determine if changes must be made to birth certificates, among other forms and records.