Lubbock City councilwoman Karen Gibson is concerned with the possibility of a service cut by Citibus. Gibson said the Community Development and Services Board did not recommend providing a portion of funding from a federal grant that Citibus requested. Instead, CDSB members voted to give more than requested funding to other applicants totaling more than $4 million.

Gibson proposed an amendment, which would have given Citibus the surplus of more than $70,000.  In a 4-2 vote council voted against the amendment.  Gibson said as a result, Citibus Route 19 may be on the chopping block. 

"In my opinion, that's not a good route to cut. It's very well used. There's a lot of riders on that route. It's not feasible," Gibson explained. "There has got to be an answer. There has got to be someway we can figure out what to do with Citibus and how do we fund them."

Gibson said the CDSB voted on the funding recommendation three times. At a council meeting two weeks ago, CDSB member Linda Carpenter told council the Citibus application was lacking and that all applicants were treated equally.