Appeals court affirms new election for Seventh Court of Appeals

More than half of registered Lubbock County voters have already cast their ballot in this year's elections.

"The high numbers tell you that so many people are wanting to have their voice heard," Lubbock County Elections Administrator Dorothy Kennedy said. 

The 96,000 voters that took advantage of the extra time to vote early this year, represent a larger turnout than the total voters in the last four presidential elections.

Democratic voters tend to vote early, says Gracie Gomez, Chair of the Lubbock County Democratic Party.

"Voting early avoids most of the lines, and more than anything exposure, and exposing others to COVID. We want to be safe," She said. 

Cole Shooter, Chair of the Lubbock County Republican party, says early voters are on the opposite side of the political spectrum this year, too.

"I think that we've seen a lot more Republicans turn out to go vote early, than we have in year's past because I feel like people are also concerned that on election day the polls are going to be absolutely swamped," Shooter said.

The extra week of early voting may have brought out more voters ahead of Election Day but some argue its not a sustainable option.

"One of the issues that you run into, is it's a lot of stress on the county and the elections officials to have that extra week," Shooter explained. "That wasn't met with more money from the state."

The early voting days require staff to work long hours before polls open until well after they close.

It is unclear if early voting will be extended in future elections. However, the turnout shows a reinvigorated interest in politics at the local level.

"We have been able to register a whole lot of folks, and get people interested in voting," Gomez said. 

"I'm really hoping that the momentum stays with us as we move into May 2021 because that's when our local elections are with cities, school boards," Kennedy said. "Those are the ones that are so very important that affect your everyday pocket book," she added.

To find where to vote on Election Day (locations differ from early voting) you can click here.