Jenny Cudd

Jenny Cudd ran for mayor of Midland, Texas, in 2019. (Source: William Malm)

MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA/Gray News) - The FBI has arrested Jenny Cudd for rioting at the Capitol last Wednesday, KOSA has learned.

After the riot, Cudd posted about it on her Facebook page, bragging that “we” tore down the doors to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

She later backed that statement up, saying that she was referring to the group as a whole. She claimed she didn’t vandalize anything in the building.

Several times, Cudd told KOSA she was proud of what she did and that she’d do it again.

She also said after the riot she had gotten several death threats at her florist shop, Becky’s Flowers, which is located in Midland.

Plus, she said, hundreds of people had gone online and given the shop bad reviews.

She has since shut down her Facebook page.