'Dry January' pushes no alcohol for a month

The pandemic will have lasting impacts on our society long after the virus is no longer an impending threat.

This one, may not leave a bad taste in your mouth though.

Alcohol-to-go may be permanent in the state of Texas.

"It was huge for us because it really helped make up some, a lot of those lost sales due to the beginning of COVID," owner of Picoso's Jeremy Waller said. 

On Wednesday, H.B. 1024 passed with bi-partisan support.

A surprising move for a state with a history of restricting sales of libations.

Last year, Gov. Abbott allowed the policy to continue indefinitely.

Now it is starting to seem official and for restaurant owners like Waller, it is a game changer.

"Now with opening back up to be able to keep that to be able to have that extra revenue stream is something we're really looking forward to," he said.

His business became a pioneer in the alcohol-to-go sales last spring.

It has now blossomed into a booming service.

"We can basically do anything we currently have at the bar, we can do to-go. from beers, to mixed drinks, to bottles of wine to, but we also do gallons and the larger sizes," he explained.

Waller says, it was really popular during holidays like Mother's Day and Independence Day.

He is looking forward to them, this time around.

"It's actually a safer possibility, because now they're at home with their cocktails and margaritas. Versus maybe out and about, having too much and then driving home," Waller said.

The bill, will require another sign-off from the House before it heads to the Senate for approval.