Tom Walker

Instead of spending or saving his $1,400, Tom Walker donated his latest stimulus check to his favorite non-profit.

"I got one and I was doing just fine without it, so I gave it to Meals on Wheels," Walker said.

Walker has been volunteering with Lubbock Meals on Wheels for almost eight years.

He's delivered thousands of hot plates to homebound residents but didn't want to stop there.

"I think it's real important for the non-profits, the charitable organizations that are trying to help the homeless and the poor and the elderly and the homebound, those people that they need help, they don't want help, they need help and there's a big difference," Walker explained.

Assistant Director Mary Gerlach says Walker isn't the only one showing generosity with their government funds.

"When the first stimulus round came out, we got quite a few checks that people passed along to us and we really appreciated that when somebody really didn't need it that they realized that we might need some extra support during that time," Gerlach said.

Walker says this isn't something to brag about.

"I just think it's the right thing to do. God asks us to do that," Walker added.

But he's sharing his story to encourage others who qualify for the money but may not have needed it to do the same.

"One of the fortunate and blessed who still had a job and paying all the bills and doing okay? Donate it to a charity. Don't, you know, spend it frivolously," Walker called on others. 

Gerlach says Walker is only one of the many volunteers who make service the mission of their retirement.

She says he goes above and beyond for those on his route.

"It means a whole lot to know that somebody's thinking about us young, old guys and he's one of, I think one of the nicest ones that deliver," recipient George Lewis said.

Walker drives two routes in East Lubbock every week. He says he plans to do that as long as he's able.