Morton House Fire

Next to nothing was salvageable after a Tuesday fire in a Morton family home. 

"I feel lost, I've lost everything," Belinda Guillen said.

The single mother has lived in her home in Morton on East Hayes street for almost a decade.

But everything she says they've worked for, was gone in an instant Tuesday afternoon.

"Yesterday I came in and my house was all in one piece and then by the time you know my house looks like this now," she said. 

A fire ripped through the home she shares with her two children, her grandchildren and several dogs.

Her granddaughter Nylene was inside the house, when her mother, Guillen's daughter, saw the smoke coming from the back.

"I ran to my tio's room to get my shoes and then ran outside," Nylene Ornelias said.

"The only thing I saved was my purse and my bag of work where I had my stuff," Guillen said. "I even came out with no shoes no jacket or anything."

At the time, snow was falling and the temperature was in the 20s.

Morton House Fire 2

Belinda Guillen has lived in this home for almost a deacade. 

Everyone was able to get out okay but almost nothing was left salvageable from the fire.

The family is still together, taking shelter at Guillen's mother's home, down the street.

They have begun to replace some items, like Guillen's heart medications and Ornelais' favorite Jojo Siwa shoes.

"Start all over again, little by little," Guillen said.

But not everything is replaceable.

"Memories, think we can start making memories again."

Guillen hopes to find a new home in her hometown of Morton, to stay close to her loved ones.

Click the link for the family's GoFundMe