Dan Pope

In a video released by his re-election campaign, Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope apologized for not recusing himself from a decision involving a conflict of interest. It was part of a downtown revitalization project.

"Now, a couple months ago we considered a grant for a building downtown that's gonna house a restaurant my wife is a small minority investor in that restaurant.

"I voted for that incentive, I probably should have recused myself -- in fact, I should have, and I want you to know that I apologize for that. I've updated my financial statement to make sure that everything is correct.

"If you hear news of that -- and by the way, one of the local news stations asked me about it and I was very forthright with them, as I 'm being with you -- I wanted you to hear it from me, not somebody else."

At stake in cases like these is both public and private money. Over the past three years, Mayor Pope says the city has put nearly $2 million into downtown redevelopment. Private businesses have invested more than $50 million. 

He says those decisions are what is fueling the renaissance in downtown. 

His opponent in November, Stephen Sanders, issued a statement claiming these "types of practices are continuously present in the operations of our city government."

Sanders said he would encourage the Texas Rangers to conduct an investigation.