Red Kettle campaign

News release from United Supermarkets:

On Thursday, United Supermarkets, Market Street and the Lubbock Salvation Army launched the annual Red Kettle Campaign. Throughout the campaign, bell-ringers will man Red Kettles throughout the area at local retail, grocery and shopping mall locations.  

The goal for 2020 is $250,000.00 for the campaign, which runs through Christmas Eve. 

At over 100 years old, the Red Kettle Campaign is a tradition of charity unlike any other. The Salvation Army and United Supermarkets have partnered for many years in Lubbock to make sure people from across the community have an opportunity to participate in this tradition and help their neighbors in need. 

 This year, an anonymous donor made a sizeable donation to the campaign to challenge others to give as well. In response, United Supermarkets committed a $1,000 donation of its own to help kick off the campaign. 

“We’re honored to be part of a community that takes the well-being and care of others so seriously,” said Major David Worthy, with the Salvation Army. “The donor’s challenge and United’s response to that challenge are the kinds of things that make Lubbock the community that we all love and revere. The beauty of the Red Kettle Campaign is that it is ignited by The Salvation Army, but fueled by the community – every penny raised through the campaign remains right here in West Texas to provide life-sustaining services and programs to so many in need – during the holiday season and throughout the year.” 

“I’ve seen the place that the Salvation Army has in our community,” said Robert Taylor, CEO of the United Family. “It has a way of helping the less fortunate that sometimes get left out. And at this time of year, we can’t see that happen, but especially this year. So, we will be having our Red Kettles and our volunteer bell ringers outside our stores this year. And I just ask that the people that go through the stores remember how fortunate some of us are and to be generous with the Salvation Army.”