Lubbock ISD employees receive first doses of COVID-19 vaccine

Citizens and essential workers receive COVID-19 vaccines at the City of Lubbock's vaccine clinic at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center Monday, Jan. 4, 2021.

It was a busy morning at the Lubbock Civic Center Monday, as essential workers rolled up their sleeved to receive the Moderna shot at the City of Lubbock's COVID-19 vaccine clinic.

Educators are among these workers.

"With Lubbock ISD being the largest school district in Lubbock County, working with the Health Department and using our own people to help man the vaccination clinic, we've been able to offer the vaccine to all of our employees," Superintendent Kathy Rollo said.

For now, Rollo said the vaccine is limited to district employees who are 65 and older, have comorbidities, teachers who work with students not required to wear masks and special education teachers who work with students in self-contained classrooms.

It is completely voluntary, and because of this, Rollo said the district's COVID-19 safety protocols will remain in this place this semester.

"We will continue to have the same, very strict protocols as far as wearing masks in 4th grade and above, all employees wearing masks, cleaning protocols that are in place, our social distancing protocols, all of that will stay in effect until this virus is gone," she said.

In addition, Rollo urges employees to continue taking advantage of the district's testing. Staff can sign up for a time on its website.

"We don't want to forget that we still need to be testing too," she said "If people feel like they've been exposed or actually just want to be tested, asymptomatic and want to be tested, we can do that."

Rollo estimates about 500 staff members were inoculated Monday. More employees will be eligible to receive them as more become available.

Students return to class Wednesday, Jan. 6.