Mega Millions

In less than an hour, one lucky person could hold the right set of numbers to win up to three quarters of a billion dollars.

The drawing for $750 million is at 10:12pm and Lubbockites are still buying tickets.

Staff at Buddy's Convenience Store and United Express say they've seen a large uptick in ticket sales over the past few days.

"Day before yesterday, I had a guest come in and buy $180 worth of lottery tickets," the cashier at United Express said.

The estimated cash value for the Mega Millions is about $550 million, if you choose to get paid out-right.

It's the fifth largest jackpot ever in U. S. lottery history.

While the chances of winning the top prize are 1 in 300 million, hopefuls in Lubbock are dreaming about what they would spend the money on.

"Take a honeymoon. The first one, we got married but we didn't go on a honeymoon. We didn't get to go to a honeymoon. So that would be a good thing to do with it," a married couple said.

"Pay my bills and pay my house off and just, and then go on a cruise," one father said.

"I'd get a '68 Camaro, royal blue," added a car enthusiast. 

Many mentioned putting the money toward helping others.

"I would give it to anyone that needed help like with food, gas or a place, you know something like that," one woman said. 

"I would just help people out, my family especially. My mom's ill, so she would come first. Oh and St. Jude, I would help St. Jude. I have a child and it would change our lives if she had cancer or something," said another father.

During today's 5 o'clock hour, Mega Millions sales per minute in Texas were over $26,000.

"If that man up there wants me to win, he'll let me win," one hopeful said.

Some in Lubbock are hoping for better luck this time around.

"I would love to win it. Unfortunately, that's never my life but it would be awesome," said another woman. 

"I've been playing all this time, but hopefully tonight's the night," another ticket-buyer said.

After taxes, the Mega Millions pot will settle just below $350 million.