Frenship bond election

Frenship ISD is holding a bond election next month to help fund construction for new schools. 

The Chamber of Commerce voiced its united support Wednesday. The $300 million would help build a fourth middle school, a second high school and make repairs to the current high school. 

Frenship is one of the state's fastest growing districts, now with more than 10,000 students. 

The district anticipates reaching its 3,400 student capacity at its high school in the next three years. Over the past ten, the district's reported growth of between 200 and 500 students a year. 

"I think the future of our community is about creating opportunity, and we do that with good education. So it's my pleasure to stand with Dr. McCord and her team with the school board but most importantly with the teachers and the kids and the families that represent Frenship ISD," Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope said. "It's important that we pass this bond. It's important that we guarantee the future of our kids."

Administrators say it will raise the average homeowner's property taxes by about $14 a year.