City manager, Jarrett Atkinson, says Covid-19 vaccination plans are moving very quickly.

The City is expecting the release of vaccinations from the federal government to the state and local level in early December.

"You now have AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna that have a vaccine, that is sitting with a request at the federal government to have that released," Atkinson said.

Lubbock will follow the state's distribution plan, and first, vaccines will go to healthcare workers.

As more become available, they'll go to first responders, who Atkinson says are more likely to be exposed.

After that, vulnerable populations will get the vaccine, like those in assisted living or institutional facilities, where there is a high-risk component.

Lubbock already has 48 sites registered to distribute the vaccine.

"But as more comes, it will be distributed more and more widely and ideally you'll see us then also work to add sites beyond the 48 that are the registered sites," Atkinson said.

Covenant and UMC received 147 doses of the Eli Lilly antibody treatment, and expect a similar delivery next week.

Atkinson says the IV infusion is targeted primarily for people who have tested positive within the last five days and are age 65 or older.

"What we're doing is deferring a number of patients who otherwise might have required hospitalization and they don't get sick enough to need that," Atkinson said.

Lubbock has only received the 20 percent advance of its reimbursement for the Coronavirus Relief Fund from the state, but Atkinson says the second round should be coming this week.

"It will not be the total reimbursement but it should, it should get the funds to start flowing back to us," Atkinson said.

He says as the supply chain for vaccines grows, they'll eventually be available in doctor's offices, pharmacies and community clinics.