Sanctuary City, Unborn, Abortion

Hundreds packed Citizen's Tower Nov. 17, 2020 to express their support for an ordinance that would outlaw abortion within city limits. 

In 7-0 vote, Lubbock City Council decided against adopting the "Sanctuary City for the Unborn" Ordinance after nearly 6 hours of passionate public comments.

Earlier this year, the city sought legal advice from an outside firm: Olson & Olson, and Council members remained in-step with their advice. All members expressed concern that it was not enforceable or constitutional. 

About 150 people signed up to speak in-person, with most of those testimonies in favor of the proposed law.

Council also received several emails from constituents, almost 500, which were overwhelmingly in disagreement. 

But it is not over yet.

The ordinance can, and is very likely to, go to a public vote during a special election next May.