Super Bug

It's a term that many may not be familiar with "Super Bugs". They are a strain of bacteria, viruses and parasites that is resistant to most of the antibiotics and other medications commonly used to treat the infections they cause.

But some doctors blame the overuse and over prescription of antibiotics to treat COVID-19.

"Bacteria is smarter than we are," said Dr. Helen Boucher with Disease Experts at Tufts Medical Center. "But it's increased and the pace is increased..and the pace is more rapid in the setting of antibiotic use especially antibiotic overuse."

Texas is in the top 25 states when it comes to antibiotic usage at a rate of 805 prescriptions per thousand people. That's according to data from the Center Of Disease Dynamics Economic Policy.

Doctor Boucher said she noticed an increase of over using antibiotics when COVID-19 started to become more prominent.

"Unfortunately we also know at the beginning of the pandemic that we doctors did use to many antibiotics in these patients..what we call empirical therapy just in case. We have learned quite a bit in six or seven months and were doing less of that now but certainly we have a way to go."

With the possible risk of getting infections from being over treated doctor Boucher says it's a good idea to talk to your doctor before settling on antibiotics

"We should ask the doctor do I really need an antibiotic if he or she prescribes one? We should be prepared to be told that this might be a cold and that there is no role for an antibiotic and try not to demand them make sure that we use antibiotics only as needed and then when we use them follow the directions."

There are more than two point eight million drug-resistant infections in the U.S. each year. They kill thirty five thousand americans a year according to the C.D.C.