Home for the holidays may not be the safest place to be if you are planning to travel. Doctors are concerned Christmas and New Year Travel will turn into super-spreader events.

Lubbock Health Authority Dr. Ron Cook said the best thing to do for the holidays, though hard is to stay home.

"Of course not having them come," Dr.Cook said, "Come say we will do this next year because by then we will have the majority of the people vaccinated the virus will be slowed way down..so ideally just wait until next year." 

If you are traveling for the season staff at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport are taking precautions for safe travels.

Kelly Campbell, Executive Director of Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport said "the airport staff is using teamwork to keep the virus away.

"We have purchased a electrostatic sprayer tkinhat is used on hard surfaces in addition to the normal cleaning wipes, we have hand sanitizer stations all over the terminal and we are reminding everybody that mask are required.'

Campbell said it can be difficult to travel with so many new changes in place to make things easier she is asking the public to be patient.

"Help us by respecting other people's space give them a little extra space. Give yourself more time as well each one of us are facing challenges from this so always be kind."

For Dr. Cook he said if you need to see your family you can always use the internet to see them.

"Facetime all other social media apps you can get on zoom. We just need to do this a little while longer till we get everyone vaccinated then we can go back to normal."     

Dr. Cook is confident by following the C.D.C guidelines next Christmas can be normal.