Lubbock Hospitality House

A state emergency crew is in the middle of focused COVID-19 testing at a nursing home in South Lubbock. 

The Division of Emergency Management is working with the city to identify and contain a potential outbreak at the Lubbock Hospitality House. 

The health department reports 20 cases at that facility near 50th and Slide. Overall, there are 142 active cases at the city's nursing homes. 

"Any congregate setting is difficult. I mean, in households we see you know, mom, dad and the kids test positive. When you move into a nursing home you have a lot of individuals in close contact to each other, a lot of staff coming in and out of those facilities, and that's where we end up seeing some of the positives," Public Health Authority Katherine Wells said. "And they're also the most vulnerable. So it can also lead to hospitalizations and unfortunately some deaths."

The past two months were especially tough on nursing homes, according to city data. On Oct. 1, there were 391 cases associated with them. As of Monday, that's more than doubled to more than 800.