Senator Cruz wants to preserve the dignity and honor of Medal of Honor recipients. He introduced legislation to create a process for foreign-sold Medals of Honor to be donated to the military, museums or educational institutions.

The goal is to ensure future Americans learn about recipients' heroic service and countless contributions.

Commander of Lubbock's VFW, Benny Guerrero, says the medal is unique.

"The Medal of Honor is not like a gold medal from the Olympics or a Super Bowl ring, it's nothing like that," Guerrero said. "It's so precious, it's so unique, the valor that it takes to earn a Medal of Honor, you can't even describe it.

Guerrero says the Medal tells a story about a soldier that went to great lengths to defend their country and fellow service members.

"When you hear their story, you understand that there was sacrifice behind that medal. There was love and compassion.

"And even though there was a lot of horror behind the actions, it was through love and compassion that drove that person and inspired him to move those monuments or those mountains and go through those hurdles to achieve what he need to achieve."

The Medal of Honor Museum is scheduled to be built in Arlington, Texas by 2023. More than 1.5 million veterans live in Texas.