Jones Stadium, Texas Tech, Football, Red Raiders

Texas Tech football played in front of a crowd just over 11,000 Saturday night, which is less than the 25% occupancy allowed at Jones Stadium this season.

City councilman and small business owner Steve Massengale called it a "good test run" for upcoming games. 

"I think people were feeling out the process and I think some were reluctant to come out," Massengale said.

The tailgating scene was small and spread out, but Massengale expects the activity around the stadium to spike when the No. 11 ranked Texas Longhorns comes to town.

"I can tell you as a small business owner, that we're looking forward to that activity," Massengale said. "The activity this past weekend was not what we would normally experience."

City leaders said inspectors check-in with restaurants and bars regularly and Massengale added that they are doing a good job. The struggle however, has been controlling house parties.

"I think we've tried to communicate as clearly as we can with that age group and I think Texas Tech has gone above and beyond to do the same thing," Massengale said. "Some refuse to listen but I think we just have to continue to reinforce the message and help them understand that there are consequences for these parties if they don't handle them safely."

If you're planning an outdoor event expecting more than ten people, the city must approve it. 

"We have not denied any requests, but we have worked with them to improve their plan," Massengale explained.

Texas Tech will continue to be the only Big 12 school allowing tailgating this season. The Red Raiders host Texas on September 26th. You can watch it at a safe distance on FOX34.