"Whether it would have been democrat, republican, it don't matter. He is the governor of the great state of Texas and we were honored to have him here," Rudy Rosales, owner of Montelongo's said.

Having never met Governor Abbott before he says it was a huge deal to have the head of state at the family-owned restaurant.

"Just seeing how excited my mother was to meet him. You know, she actually started getting dressed the day before, because she thought it was on Monday," Rosales explained. "It was just the greatest feeling for her."

But not everyone has been supportive online.

Commenters have sworn off their support for the Lubbock staple because of the governor's visit.

"I'm not going to address every negative comment on Facebook. Because it's America, say what you want, you know? But I have good customers and friends backing us up," Rosales said.

The restaurant has even attracted new customers and a couple familiar faces they have not seen in quite some time.

Benjamin James came by at least two times a week before the pandemic. Thursday was his first time back at the restaurant.

He says it should not be about politics.

"It's really about supporting independent business. I know they took a rough beating in this pandemic but the only way they're going to survive is if we come in and spend our money," James said. "This is the greatest place to do it," he added.

When businesses are allowed to open at 100% capacity, Montelongo's will be playing it safe.

"[The governor] said it's up to each individual business, and I'm still going to require masks, and I'm doing it to protect our customers, our employees and my family," Rosales said. 

They will continue to have less than 45% capacity indoors, and focus on curbside service.