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For those who received their first COVID-19 vaccine dose before Jan. 16, city leaders say now is the time to get the second shot.

In the City's weekly coronavirus update Wednesday, City of Lubbock Public Health Director Katherine Wells said there is more good news this week in the fight against the virus.

"Our case numbers continue to be low," Wells said. "Even over the weekend, our case numbers dropped below 100. Its been months since we've had days under 100."

Lubbock's COVID-19 hospitalization rate has also decreased significantly over the past couple weeks, falling just below 15% Tuesday for the first time since October.

However, Lubbock Health Authority Dr. Ron Cook said hospitals still remain full.

"As our COVID numbers go down, we still have all those other individuals that would normally be sick and need to be hospitalized with trauma or other illnesses who are still coming into our hospitals," Dr. Cook said.

The hospitalization rate must remain below 15% for seven consecutive days before Gov. Abbott lifts economic restrictions. Wells said it is critical to keep following safe practices, and more residents must receive the vaccine. She said people need to get the second dose between 28 and 42 days of receiving their first shot.

"There is some flexibility in that 28 days. Our goal is really to make sure individuals get back into the clinic within a week of that 28-day mark. We do need individuals to make appointments for that second dose," Wells said.

In the past couple days, the City has administered nearly 750 boosters. It will now hold vaccine clinics four days a week and expand hours to accommodate everyone, including those who still need their first shot.

Registration for next week's clinics is now open. To register, click here.