2024 Lubbock Music NOW album spotlights 17 local artists

Lubbock Music NOW
Lubbock Music NOW(Civic Lubbock, Inc.)
Published: Nov. 8, 2023 at 11:22 AM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (NEWS RELEASE) - The Entertainment Lubbock Committee announces the roster of tracks and artists to be featured on the 2024 Lubbock Music NOW album. This latest collection continues the tradition of highlighting the diverse array of local talent, capturing the soundtrack of the city. With the project’s inception in 2016, the upcoming release marks the eighth contribution to this celebrated series, further enriching Lubbock’s cultural tapestry through music.

“We so often celebrate the great artists who got their start in Lubbock and left. I think we should also recognize the wonderful talent in Lubbock right now that helps make our city so special,” said James Eppler, Civic Lubbock Inc. board member and chair of the Lubbock Entertainment Committee, which oversees the project.

Lubbock Music NOW 2024 ALBUM

The 2024 Lubbock Music NOW album showcases original music from local artists and songwriters within a 100-mile radius of Lubbock who have performed at least two paid gigs in the city. Songwriters can participate by collaborating with performers to record their compositions.

Submissions were received by the Entertainment Lubbock Committee, which operates under the auspices of Civic Lubbock, Inc. The album’s final tracklist was chosen by a panel of past and present members from the Texas Branch of The Recording Academy, known as the Texas Grammy Board. To ensure a fair and unbiased review, the judges considered submissions identified solely by song numbers, with no revelation of artist names or song titles.

Sixteen songs were selected by the judges for the 2024 album. The late Doug Smith, pianist and composer, was selected by the Entertainment Lubbock Committee to be the second artist honored posthumously on a Lubbock Music NOW album. Smith passed away in 2016.

“We are especially pleased to honor Doug with his inclusion on this year’s album. His work embodies the spirit and passion of our local talent, and it’s fitting that we celebrate his contributions in such a significant way,” said Don Caldwell, nationally known music producer and performer and member of the Entertainment Lubbock committee. “By featuring him posthumously, we not only remember a life profoundly dedicated to the arts, but we also reinforce the powerful connection between Lubbock’s musical past and its present,” he said.

The songs selected for the 2024 Lubbock Music NOW album, listed alphabetically by song title and including the performers and songwriters (in parenthesis), are:

  • “Better Man” – Jason Nutt & Highway 70 (Jason Nutt)
  • “Billy, Buddy and Willie” – Ron Riley (Ron Riley)
  • “Bonnie and Clyde” – Chasing Ivy (Lindsay Boreing/Jay Denton)
  • “Guarding the Old Ways” – Wade Parks (Wade Parks)
  • “Kuti Kish” – Mouse Shadow (Colt Compton)
  • “OMM” – Chris Bone Garza, Lil Bro, Baby J (Chris Bone Garza/Bryan Williams)
  • “Patient Trust” – Jonny Keys (Jonny Hughes)
  • “Procession” – Jordan McEwen (Jordan McEwen)
  • “Save Your Drama For Your Momma” – Hannah Jackson (Hannah Jackson/Cary C. Banks)
  • “Someone Who Believes” – Morri Hartgraves Quintet (Morri Hartgraves)
  • “The Hell Of It” – Chad Miller & The Good Fortune (Chad Miller)
  • “The Idea of You” – Mary Fletcher (Mary Fletcher/Chase Coy)
  • “Twenty Nine” – Spur 327 Band (Tyge Payne)
  • “West Texas” – Doug Smith (Doug Smith) -Memorial Track
  • “Wishes” – Alicia Morgan (Alicia Morgan)
  • “Without Your Love” – Russ Murphy (Russ Murphy)
  • “Yo, Play Your Piano” – Richard Bowles (Richard Bowles)

Winning entries receive a one-time cash prize of $200 and copies of the album. In addition, the artists will have the option to perform their winning song on the Lubbock Music NOW TV Show.

The cover art for the 2024 Lubbock Music NOW CD is designed by Dirk Fowler. Fowler, an associate professor in the School of Art at Texas Tech University, was recently inducted into the Lubbock Walk of Fame. He is a world-renowned graphic designer and his letterpress concert posters are collector’s items.

The release of the album is planned for early February 2024.

The Entertainment Lubbock Committee, in conjunction with Civic Lubbock, Inc., developed the Lubbock Music NOW project in 2016 to honor and recognize musicians and songwriters living in the area who are performing in our city and/or actively writing songs. Civic Lubbock, Inc. is a non-profit organization created in 1956 whose mission is to foster and promote educational, cultural and entertainment programs, including the visual and performing arts, for the citizens of Lubbock and the surrounding area.