‘It’s like imposter syndrome’: Idalou teen getting global attention for original songs

Jaylee Gandy has two original songs out on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.
Published: Aug. 31, 2023 at 5:10 PM CDT
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IDALOU, Texas (KCBD) - A teen from Idalou is getting national attention to her songs. 18-year-old Jaylee Gandy has been singing since she was six-years-old and now has two original songs released.

Gandy started at Cactus Kids in Lubbock when she was six and sang the National Anthem at the Post Rodeo when she was seven. Now, she has “Hand Me Downs” and “Down the Road” that you can hear on YouTube, Spotify, Apply Music and the local radio.

“Last year I started putting out music,” Gandy said. “So, a long time. I’ve always sang.”

Gandy said she’s had listeners from as far away as Australia.

“It was just crazy to see the influence even in like Australia and all these places,” Gandy said.

When people tell her they heard her song on the radio, she said it’s unreal to her.

“It’s kind of weird. Like, it’s like imposter syndrome,” Gandy said. “I’m like, ‘No you didn’t. Come on. I’m a normal person I don’t do anything that crazy.’”

Her most recent song, “Down the Road,” is how she felt in her last year at Idalou High School.

“It’s about graduation, and all of the memories that we’re leaving behind and going our separate ways,” Gandy said.

Her friends are in the music video with her. She said nothing was staged and they just talked the entire time like normal.

“They showed up and every one of them was so supportive, and I would say they were definitely some of my best friends in high school,” Gandy said.

The song has been shared by multiple country music platforms that support big name country artists’ songs. She said she didn’t expect them to share her stuff.

“I’m just this little baby in Lubbock, Texas that no one knows about,” Gandy said.

Gandy said Lubbock is huge for the music scene though, and she says Lubbockites have supported her through it all.

“I genuinely believe that I can get as much support here, if not more than you can get in Nashville, like I don’t want to move,” Gandy said.

She will continue in the music industry. Gandy said her next song is a little different than the last.

“This one’s a little bit more fun,” Gandy said. “It’s a little bit more Taylor Swift in my opinion, but it’s fun. I like it.”