Frenship ISD students get new orchestra program

Published: Aug. 24, 2023 at 10:39 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Frenship ISD middle and high school students are moving to the rhythm of a new beat and it’s one they’re creating themselves.

After two years of planning, the district started its new orchestra program this year.

Fine Arts Director Ryan Smith says the district is fortunate enough to have the resources to bring new learning opportunities to its students.

“Before now they always had to, for education purposes, go outside of the district to Texas Tech String Project or Youth Orchestras of Lubbock. Now, coupled with that, they can actually have education now on our own campuses in Frenship.”

A large number of students are already taking advantage of the new course.

“We’re already busting at the seams,” Smith said. “We already have a lot of students signed up for orchestra so it’s an exciting time, and we’re excited to see how it continues to grow.”

As that program grows so will the students participating.

Frenship High School Orchestra Director Darcy Radcliffe is just one of the new instructors at the district.

She says all of the students are on the fast track to becoming great musicians, and soon they’ll be able to show off their new skills.

“We’ve got a concert scheduled for December that’s a mandatory concert that’s gonna happen,” Radcliffe said.

There’s no experience needed to join the program, but for those who already have experience with their instruments there are other opportunities to learn as well.

“Opportunities for them to get involved in region orchestra, solo and ensemble,” Radcliffe said. “Things like that so they can kinda move ahead of the group.”

These kids will be sure to be in sync and in tune with each other throughout the year, two things Smith and Radcliffe say will help them with all of their classes and classmates.

“We’re always better together,” Radcliffe said. “So, if you learn how to collaborate in a setting like orchestra or band or choir that kinda trickles over to the rest of your life and that’s a really valuable skill.”

Although this is just year one, Radcliffe says she’s excited to help the students at FISD keeping the beat for many more.

“It’s an honor to get to work with the next generation and to get to bring something like string music to this part of Texas and to these students in particular,” Radcliffe said. “I think they feel the same way.”

The new orchestra program is one of six fine arts programs offered at the district. The others include band, choir, theatre, art and dance.