Court documents: Grandmother identifies missing boy

Charlotte Latasha Pegues
Charlotte Latasha Pegues(Midland Police Department)
Published: Aug. 22, 2023 at 11:28 AM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - CBS7 has now obtained court documents on the arrest of Charlotte Latasha Pegues, the mother of Cordarius, a non-verbal boy that was found in Midland in January of 2023.

Charlotte Pegues was arrested on August 21, for Exploitation of a Disabled Individual.

In the court documents, an officer with the Midland Police Department stated that they responded to a call in January about a boy with intellectual disabilities found wandering the streets of Midland.

When the boy was in custody he could only write his name “Cordarius”.

They were never able to get information from the boy about where he lived or who he lived with until Aug. 9, when someone called claiming to be Cordarius’ grandmother. The grandmother gave his full name and told officers that he had been living with his mom Charlotte Latasha Pegues in Midland.

During the investigation court documents say Pegues told officers she was still receiving government issued financial support for Cordarius’ disability, despite him no longer being with her. She then showed the MPD officer the latest payment she had received dated Aug, 8 for $500.

The officer also stated in court documents that Pegues was unable to show any proof that she was taking care of Cordarius. Pegues also consented to a search that revealed hazardous and unhygienic living conditions.


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