Lubbock ISD Agri-STEM complex now open, offering hands-on experience in ag industries

Lubbock ISD Agri-STEM complex located on 4th St. and Quaker Ave.
Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 6:58 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Lubbock ISD Agri-STEM complex is now open to students taking courses in agriculture. High Schoolers from across the district went to the new facility for the first time Thursday.

Conner McKinzie is teaching food technology and a safety course at the complex this year. He said facilities like this are important to teach students agriculture.

“When you look at today’s students, they’re so far removed from how and where their food is grown,” McKinzie said. “They have appreciation, no knowledge and no just general understanding of all it takes to allow food to show up in the grocery stores.”

McKinzie told KCBD there are new opportunities that come with the new complex.

“The sky’s the limit with a facility like this,” McKinzie said. “This is in my opinion, the best facility of its kind in the state.”

McKinzie said he will use hands-on experiences in his classes to teach recipes, techniques, meat selection and food safety.

“It’ll be a real-world application in a classroom setting,” McKinzie said.

Hannah Stuart is a senior at Talkington School for Young Woman Leaders. She said her high school campus didn’t have all of the agriculture subjects to offer. Now, she will take horticulture, which is better for the career she’s working toward.

“I’m glad to be able to take more advanced courses and also just have such a nice facility,” Stuart said.

Rylie Delagarza said she will get experience that directly correlates with her future, and with LISD’s partnership with Texas Tech, it sets her up to wear the red and black.

“The vet med going right directly on my track,” Delagarza said. “I’ll make new connections, and with Tech being right here it’s kind of like a shoe-in in a way.”

The complex offers students experience in many agriculture industries. Those students told KCBD they are excited for the new facility and a new academic year.