Our Town Brownfield: New fire and police department chiefs

Published: Aug. 1, 2023 at 9:13 AM CDT|Updated: Aug. 1, 2023 at 9:57 AM CDT
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BROWNFIELD, Texas (KJTV) - There’s a new look in leadership for the City of Brownfield. The fire and police department have welcomed new chiefs.

Chris Cotzur and James Woolard have been on the job for more than a month, but are already looking to add numbers to their respective departments.

“I’m looking for somebody that wants to make a difference in somebody’s life,” said Chris Cotzur, Brownfield Chief of Police, “I’m committed to somebody that is committed to living an ethical life, and somebody that wants to be part of something that’s larger than themselves and if you’re one of those people, please come see me!”

Fire Chief James Woolard has the same kind of goals for Brownfield Fire & Rescue.

“It’s a feeling of helping your neighbors, giving back to your community,” he said. “When you’re not from somewhere, you don’t know a lot of the people around it’s different. You still may have the drive to do it but ultimately, it’s a job. If you do it for your own area, you know the people you’re saving. You know these are your neighbors, these are the people you live with year-round, you know the children, you’re helping your own neighbors.”

Chief Cotzur talked about the negativity that surrounds local police departments across the nation, but believes a new generation of committed men and women can change that.

“In my mind, I think it’s going to take a younger generation of folks that are committed to do the right thing, and to help society fix these problems,” the new police chief said. “To come to work, and do a noble job to help others out. I think that’s the only way that we do fix it.”

For both, community service is one of their top priorities.

“Our job is service. It is to serve our community, to help our community, help the members of our community in some of their darkest times and to help lead them through that,” Chief Woolard said.

Part of that service is providing extra help during the triple-digit weather West Texas has had this summer. That’s where help from the town’s fire department comes in.

“We worked recently with Brownfield, with their Brownfield Regional Medical Center EMS to kind of help, go around and check, make sure people are alright a little bit,” Chief Woolard said.

“And, I’m proud of the men and women in that office that come to work every day, and make sure nothing hurts people,” echoed Chief Kotzur.

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