‘Fleurish’ living up to its name in Olton, shipping to shoppers nationwide

Published: Jul. 17, 2023 at 10:54 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A small business in Olton is growing outside its walls, shipping from the small town to customers across the nation.

Olton natives Kailey Harriss and Andrew Rejino took over the flower and gift shop in 2012. Flourish, which means to grow in a vigorous way, was planted in the shop’s name, Fleurish, as a play on words.

“We liked the word flourish and what it means, and then the word fleur in French means flowers. So, we kind of just mashed the two together and came up with Fleurish. So, it’s kind of a weird thing to spell for people,” Rejino said.

Harriss says she loves using her creativity to design bouquets for people in their hardest and happiest moments. She says Fleurish often creates arrangements for the funeral home in town and for events going on at the school.

“We are both self-taught florists and so that was kind of fun and interesting. And I feel like even being open for 10 plus years now, we learn something new every single day,” Harriss said.

Harriss and Rejino had worked together at the shop, under a different name, before they took ownership. When they took over, they expanded into clothing and online sales.

“I know personally being in high school and you needed a last-minute outfit for a banquet or something that was coming up, you would either have to go to Lubbock or you would have to go to Plainview. And this is such a fun jewel because the girls and kids and adults can just run down here and grab an outfit,” Harriss said.

Across the nation, shoppers are finding joy in the pink packages coming from Fleurish in the mail.

“As of recently, we’re getting orders from New York, Virginia. Florida is, honestly, weirdly, one of our top states that we ship to,” Rejino said.

Back inside the store, conversations with neighbors keep the store flourishing.

“We can talk to people, and I feel like we get to know people even more and kind of touch their lives in a different way that’s different from just them buying an outfit from us. But maybe they just need to talk to somebody or need a little bit of help. I know, we know, we do that personally sometimes,” Harriss said.

“We definitely say we always get therapy sessions from customers and we give therapy sessions. So, it’s always fun,” Rejino said.