TTU Meat Science quiz bowl team wins 11th national championship, credits program excellence

Published: Jul. 9, 2023 at 8:54 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Texas Tech’s Meat Science department has proven its excellence yet again with an 11th national championship from the quiz bowl team.

Team members told KCBD Texas Tech has won the most championships for this competition out of all participating universities.

“Quiz bowl started in 2002, and we’ve won over half of the competitions with this being our 11th national championship,” coach Shae Lynn Sarchet said.

Sarchet explained how striving for honor and excellence is part of being a Red Raider.

“That is the standard, and that is the expectation from our program at Texas Tech,” Sarchet said.

Another coach, Devin Gonzales, said Tech’s quiz bowl team sticks out by how well members work together.

“Two things that really distinguish a good team from a national championship team is being able to trust the people that are around you, and being able to come back from something that maybe didn’t go how you had planned,” Gonzales said.

Team members cover a lot of material to prepare for the competition. Sarchet said quiz bowl teaches students anatomy, biology, and chemistry.

“It teaches the students not only about the basics of meat science, but it’s a way to test their knowledge, test their skills and truly ignite their passion for the meat industry,” Sarchet said.

Team member Shelton Luedke, said the knowledge he learned helped him do better in classes.

“If I get in a class that’s Meat Science related, I’m going to know pretty much everything already because I’ve already had that training from my coaches,” Luedke said.

This training carries him off campus, too. Luedke said Texas Tech meat science is a reputable name on a resume.

“They treat me like I’m some college athlete,” Luedke said.

Luedke said it will help him land jobs after college because employers know he works hard.

“So, once you get on the job, they can train you and you already have some base knowledge,” Luedke said.

Coach Sarchet said Texas Tech is a force to be reckoned with and she hopes the team will continue to be just that.