Evans Middle School Pentathlon team becomes first LISD team to compete at nationals

Published: May. 26, 2023 at 4:25 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Pentathlon team at Evans Middle School recently made history for the Lubbock Independent School District.

Nick Wolfe, the team coach and teacher, spoke with KCBD about this special group of students.

Behind the walls of Evans Middle School is Nick Wolfe’s classroom. The students wear Hawaiian shirts. The decor is unique. but so is this class.

“We do five subjects. We do art, we do everything from classical music to ‘60s rock and roll depending on the theme,” Wolfe said.

The team gets a theme at the beginning of the year; it’s Wolfe’s job to prepare them for competition. This year it was the American Revolution. After nine months of learning, the team is tested on their knowledge.

Wolfe hand-picks students who are academically gifted in hopes that they will make it to nationals. However, some students didn’t feel the pressure.

Evyn Lewis, a student at Evans Middle School, says, “This class gives you a chance to sort of relax and be yourself around the people you are closest with.”

For other students, learning five different topics at once was a little more challenging.

Jack Greaser, a student at Evans Middle School, says, “It’s been hard because some of the topics they test you on are really hard, and you have to use a lot of your time studying.”

The months of preparation paid off, and the Pentathlon team won the district competition, placed 3rd in the State competition, and then qualified for Nationals.

“The kids killed it. They got 9th place in the nation. There were 332 total kids and our lowest rank was 30th,” Wolfe said.

Students were thrilled to have been a part of making history for Lubbock ISD, but no one was prouder than Mr. Wolfe.

“It makes me super proud. I love these kids. I have had some of these kids for three years,” Wolfe said.

“This is the first LISD team to ever make it past the state competition and I think we are all really proud,” Lewis said.

As some of the Evans Eagles head on to high school, the students tell us they will be taking the memories they made in Mr. Wolfe’s classroom with them.

“I am going to miss Mr. Wolfe. He was a great teacher to all of us,” Greaser said.

Before the bell rang on the final day of school, Mr. Wolfe assure the students it wasn’t goodbye, it was see you later.

“I am going to keep up with every single one of them, I love you guys,” Wolfe said.