Plainview ISD releases new policies after sexual assault investigation

Published: May. 18, 2023 at 1:34 PM CDT
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PLAINVIEW, Texas (KCBD) - Plainview ISD has released a set of possible new policies after a sexual assault investigation at South Elementary.

A Plainview family first came forward in early May, stating their six-year-old was pulled under a desk and forced to perform sexual acts on one of her classmates. The incident was filmed on a school iPad.

The school district, local law enforcement and the FBI investigated the incident. Plainview ISD released the key findings, claiming “mutual inappropriate sexual contact occurred between two 6-year-old students.”

The school district has now released possible upcoming changes and results of an internal survey.

Plainview ISD is reviewing its Student Code of Conduct, according to the release. It states there has been an increase in “disruptive and inappropriate behavior.”

The internal survey showed over half of its participants think the consequences for the current code of conduct are inadequate. In addition, nearly 64% of the surveyors found parents need to be more involved in disciplinary actions.

“An approach that better embraces parents/guardians as partners in solving behavior issues is needed,” the release stated. “Educators would like to focus on more than the consequence of breaking school rules. They would like to see disruptive behaviors change, so the focus is on teaching not redirecting misbehavior or losing instruction time addressing misbehavior in class.”

Nearly 58% of the survey participants found the district needed to improve the most in behavioral management.

School officials are also focused on building a better social-emotional counseling model. They are planning to transform Plainview ISD’s former finance building into a new resource center. The center would feature counseling services from LPCs, behavior specialists and case managers.

“We have seen an increase in students with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, cyber-bullying behaviors,” the release stated. “We have further seen other consequences of students trying to fit into a mold that social media is promoting that is not physically or emotionally healthy.”

New policies would also limit access to personal electronic devices, including cell phones, laptops, iPads and gaming systems. School officials are considering banning outside devices until students reach 7th grade. Students would need to work with the school to contact parents and guardians when necessary.

A Plainview ISD Community Board is looking to add parents, teachers and students to their ranks, according to the release. This board would focus on policy changes and offers different perspectives within the community and school.

The above changes have not yet been implemented, according to the release. School officials are examining each, seeking improvement.