Muleshoe man in PBR World Finals, ranked third

Dalton Kasel has dreamed of winning for 11 years
Published: May. 12, 2023 at 9:02 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A man from Muleshoe is hoping to hang on for eight seconds in the Professional Bull Riders World Finals. This is an 11-year dream for Dalton Kasel.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Kasel said.

He started bull riding at 13. He did amateur and junior rodeos until he met a stock contractor of PBR.

“It was a just kind of [a] God deal, where when I met him, he came to the college, and he told me that I was good enough to go and kind of built my confidence. I went to my first PBR with him,” Kasel said.

That confidence has carried him to the PBR World Finals five times now.

“It’s still just as exciting as the first time but a little less nerve-racking,” Kasel said.

The 2023 PBR World Finals starts Friday night and goes until the 21st at the Dickies arena in Fort Worth.

In the chute and on the bull, Kasel said he tries not to think about the ride too much. He said not thinking about it is the hardest part.

“I try to not think a whole lot because I’ve done it for so long that my body knows how to react correctly,” Kasel said.

After the buzzer hits eight seconds though, it’s a big celebration. Celebrating at the World Finals has always been a dream but something Kasel never thought he would experience. Now, since he is ranked third in the world, he’s more confident.

“But I don’t think I truly actually believed that until here this past year that you know I could,” Kasel said.

Even though Kasel has been injured in what’s touted as the toughest sport on dirt, he said he gets back on with a goal in sight.

“My dream’s been to be a World Champion, and it’s hard to give up on a dream that you haven’t achieved yet,” Kasel said.

If he could go back and talk to his 13-year-old self, Kasel said he would tell him to be confident that he would win that championship title one day. He hopes 2023 is that year for him.

“If I was able to tell myself whenever I was 13, no you’re actually going to do this, then who knows what all I could have accomplished,” Kasel said.

To others who have the same dream, Kasel said to not give up.