Alexis Avila speaks after receiving 16 years for throwing newborn in dumpster

Published: May. 1, 2023 at 6:39 PM CDT
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HOBBS, New Mexico (KCBD) - On Monday, Alexis Avila learned that she will spend the next 16 years of her life in prison. She was found guilty of throwing her newborn son into a dumpster in Jan. 2022.

The sentence came down from Judge William Shoobridge after a jury convicted her of attempted first degree murder and child abuse causing great bodily harm two weeks ago.

Shoobridge heard closing arguments on Monday. The State argued that, despite Avila’s mental illnesses, the crime was intentional and violent. The State said Avila showed no remorse for her actions until she heard the guilty verdict.

“Your Honor, what we see here is a pattern of someone who is not only showing remorse, but someone who, in fact, takes deliberate steps in her own recollection of this event to minimize her own role,” Attorney General Deputy of Prosecution Mark Probasco said. “It’s something that was manifest and clear in the video, which was that she was attempting to kill the most innocent life, the most helpless life, of her own child.”

The court also heard from the baby’s father, Stephen Astorga, who spoke on his son’s behalf.

“My son, my healthy, my loving and handsome baby boy, he is never going to forget the things you did,” Stephen Astorga said. “But, for that I can say that my son will be somebody one day, no matter how much he has been through.”

Then it was the defense’s turn.

Domingo Avila, the defendant’s father, stated she was raised in a loving home and he hopes to one day be a part of his grandson’s life.

“I also pray very much that one day we get the chance to meet our grandson, baby Saul, your honor, I ask that you please have mercy on her soul,” Domingo Avila said.

Alexis Avila was the last person to speak in court on Monday. During her statement, she cried while apologizing to her son and her family for her actions.

“I regret that I deprived him of having a loving and caring family,” she stated. “Yes, he has his dad, and he also has his dad’s family, but when my family and I love, we love hard and we love with everything we can. To my family, family is everything to us. My nephews and my niece are everything to myself and my parents.”

Shoobridge announced Avila’s 16-year prison sentence will be followed by two years of probation. After the sentence was read, he told Avila no sentence she serves will be harder than the life she has created for herself.

“You have given yourself a life sentence of knowing what you did with your child, and you have also given your son the same life sentence,” Shoobridge stated.

Avila was taken into custody on Monday morning; she will be 34 years old when she is released from prison.