Mackenzie Middle School ‘Mack Makers’ deliver handmade donations to animal shelter

Published: Apr. 27, 2023 at 10:44 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock ISD middle schoolers are helping dogs and cats at the Lubbock Animal Shelter feel more at home while they wait to find their forever families.

The Mack Makers from Mackenzie Middle School dropped off handmade donations during a field trip Thursday afternoon.

“We made a lot of blankets by cutting the edges and like tying them together just to keep the dogs warm. And we made little tug ropes, by braiding these little bits of cloth, and we also made cat toys with cardboard and any other random junk we could find,” 8th grader Jacquelyn Garcia said.

That random junk became something much more meaningful - 40 blankets and more than 100 toys to help make the shelter feel more like home for the animals. After dropping the donations off, the 15 students got to play with some dogs outside.

“We’re just making the dogs happy to just be around people, play with people, since they most likely don’t receive that kind of attention here,” Garcia said.

Originally, the students wanted to make a blanket or a toy for all of the animals at the shelter, but when they realized there were more than 400, their hearts were broken. They set up donation drop boxes at the school to help gather supplies and made as many as they could.

“There is like over 400 animals in the shelter that are lonely and need that love and affection from people. So why not do it for them right now? Why not give them that tiny bit of love and that tiny sliver of hope that someday they will get adopted and have a happy family?” 8th grader Jayden Martinez said.

The Mack Makers created their club in the fall, after six students told their librarian they wanted to serve their community. Martinez hopes their service can inspire others.

“See what you have around your house and see, find things that you don’t need any more or don’t want any more that you could donate to people and animals,” Martinez said.

Martinez and Garcia won’t be Mack Makers next year since they’re going to high school, but they say they’ll still be making a difference.

“It’ll help me be more grateful for what I have and more willing to give to benefit others or to help others,” Garcia said.

Since summer is almost here, this is the Mack Makers’ final project for the year. Students say they will get back to making and serving in the fall.