Lubbock man’s 500th blood donation reaches West Texas milestone

Published: Apr. 17, 2023 at 10:35 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Vitalant in Lubbock received a donation Monday that it never has before: the 500th donation from an active donor.

Jimmy Bohner said he has been donating since 1984 to save lives.

“The recognition is great but when you think about it, another person is walking on this earth because of [the donation],” Bohner said. “It doesn’t take that long. It doesn’t hurt. Do it.”

Bohner first gave whole blood as often as he could, and started giving platelets in the year 2000. Now, he spends his day off from work every other Monday at Vitalant.

“You can donate more than one product at each donation,” Brandon Baker, the Senior Recruitment Manager, said. “That’s over 1,100 products that has gone to the hospitals, which means more than 1,000 people have benefited from Jimmy’s donations. His selfless act of 500 donations has saved well over 1,000 people’s lives here in Lubbock.”

Jimmy was surprised when he walked into Vitalant for his 500th donation with confetti, a Special Recognition Proclamation from City Councilwoman Christy Martinez-Garcia, cupcakes in the shape of 500 and 1,109 pieces of candy symbolizing the products he’s donated. He was also given a blanket made of blood drive t-shirts donated by David Castro and his wife.

Jimmy said the folks at Vitalant have become like family to him, making the donation process even easier.

“They may say I’m a hero, but I just feel like I’m the guy that is doing what he can, when he can, to help save or prolong someone’s life,” Bohner said. “That’s what I’m here for.”

He first donated when he was challenged by someone else. He now encourages others to do the same.

“If everyone did this, or at least half of the public did this, there wouldn’t be people that are having to have their surgeries delayed or cancelled that they actually need,” Bohner said.

Vitalant is located at 48th Street & University Avenue. To schedule an appointment, click here.

“It’s so much easier than you think it is,” Baker said. “All you have to do is be in basic, good health, have an ID and a desire to save lives and you can make that happen.”