LPD report shows rise in violent, property crime for 2022

‘Crime has risen incrementally, but there has not been a large explosion of crime within the city of Lubbock.’
Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 7:46 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock Chief of Police Floyd Mitchell broke down the annual trends and crime report for 2022 on Wednesday.

Chief Mitchell said the department is doing their best to prevent crime in the city of Lubbock, and analyzing the report allows the department to look within and address the issues.

“Yes, crime has risen incrementally but there has not been a large explosion of crime within the city of Lubbock,” Chief Mitchell said.

The report says police responded to 140,112 calls for service in 2022, which has actually fallen from the reported 148,547 in 2021.

The number one reason that Lubbock citizens called 911 last year was to “check subject” which is generally to check on a suspicious activity or person.

Chief Mitchell said they try to patrol the areas where they get a higher volume of calls.

“To be seen, because when you’re seen, we hope it leads to a reduction of criminal activity.” Mitchell said.

The time a Lubbock citizen dials 911 to the time an officer is dispatched depends on the priority of the call. If the call is priority 1 (shootings, robbery in progress) or if the call is priority 2 (check subject, suspicious activity). Priority 1 calls will receive priority over priority 2 calls so officers will always respond quicker to a priority 1 call.

annual report
annual report(KCBD)
annual report
annual report(KCBD)

Chief Mitchell said delays in response times can be blamed on short staffing in the police department and the 911 dispatch center. The department is authorized to have 445 officers and currently they stand at 420, a shortage Mitchell plans to fix with his upcoming budget proposal in April.

“I am asking to add a few officers each year so we are ready for that expanded growth, so our response time does not grow, it becomes shorter,” Mitchell said.

Crimes against property, including burglary of a residence building and vehicles rose by 1,183 - with vehicular burglary rising by almost 30 percent.

“Our property crime is really above the national average.”


Crimes committed against people were up by 1%. this includes violent crimes like homicides and robberies.

lpd annual report
lpd annual report(KCBD)

Chief Mitchell said domestic violence leads in homicide reports year after year. He says he hopes the department is able to take action before the violence leads to death, but that’s not always the case.

163 juveniles under 17 were arrested for a violent crime in 2022, one reason the department will be implementing a curfew in June, so police can keep an eye on them when they’re not in school.

The police chief also warned the community about what he believes this year’s trending crime will be, “We’re gonna see a large increase in the number of online identity theft crimes.”

You can view the full Lubbock police department 2022 annual report here.