Frenship ISD protecting students with new CrisisAlert badges

Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 9:44 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Frenship ISD is leading the way on the South Plains with a new security system that can save precious seconds in an emergency.

Every employee with the district is now equipped with a CirsisAlert badge. The badge provides a direct line to administrators and emergency personnel. The district has implemented the new badges across all its schools.

Superintendent Michelle McCord says when she first saw the badges, she knew the district should have them.

“It’s so simple but remarkably effective,” McCord said. “We couldn’t wait for funding we had to spend the money now.”

The new badges have two settings on them allowing employees to call for a staff alert, which usually involves a medical emergency.

“A three-button click is a staff member saying, ‘I need help’,” McCord said,

But, if a staff member hits the button continuously that means there is a threat to student safety.

“That is for a lockdown,” McCord said. “A lockdown is an active shooter situation.”

When activated in that capacity, the badges trigger emergency lights and announcements across the campus, with notifications popping up on employee devices.

“Safety and security is everyone’s responsibility,” McCord said. “So, if we’re going to make that everyone’s responsibility then everyone needs to be empowered to have a voice, and really this is their voice.”

This new protection extends past the walls of the school, out to parking lots, school play areas, and sporting events.

North Ridge Elementary Principal Whitney Ellison has already seen the new badges in action.

She says their ability to track the location of an emergency can save time in a dangerous situation.

“My assistant principal was across the building. I was over here. My counselor was somewhere else, but it alerted all of us,” Ellison said. “We all met at the site, so we were able to help that teacher with what she needed.”

Some Frenship employees already expressing their gratitude for the added line of defense the CrisisAlert badges provide.

“They went ‘whoa that worked’,” Ellison said. “Because we were there within probably 30 seconds or less of when they hit the button.”

Superintendent McCord says one of the crisis alert badges’ best features is their simplicity.

“All you have to remember to do is push the button,” McCord said. “Press it until the good guys and gals come.”