Viral Gatesville rancher uses TikTok for agriculture education

Published: Dec. 27, 2022 at 5:58 PM CST
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GATESVILLE, Texas (KWTX) - Every morning it’s all eyes on the feed for the cows at Bar 7 Ranch, but for their rancher Cody Archie the world is watching him on TikTok.

“I call myself the talent,” he said.

The first-generation rancher creates content of his life on his ranch while his wife Erika Archie films it all. The two made the TikTok account (@Bar7Ranch) back in August 2021.

“We were going to check cows one morning and I quoted that Denzel Washington quote ‘if you miss a gate you’re going to run a mile. If you let a cow bluff you, you’re going to run a mile,’” Cody said.

The post blew up overnight and since then, they have gained over 700,000 followers and 22 million likes. Cody has fans from here in the U.S. and also from around the world in places like India, Canada and Australia.

“I think we have a good ability to explain things on the ranch that other people don’t see,” he said.

Most of their content centers on educating viewers on things like what is a Dorper sheep and how much it costs to raise the beef.

“We take time to educate, we call it ag-vocate and people seem to enjoy it and it’s taken off from there,” Cody said.

But as a first generation farmer, he wants to share the wisdom he’s learned over the past 16 years with others who are just getting started.

“Not that we know everything, we don’t,” Cody said. “We just want to share what knowledge we have with the world.”

Cody and his wife are now looking at other platforms to continue educating the world about ranch life. They just launched their YouTube account this summer and already have close to 15,000 subscribers.